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Organised by Volker Scheid with Hugh MacPherson with support from the Wellcome Trust (£ 3,000), the Daiwa Foundation (£ 2,230) and the Coca-Cola Company (£ 2,500).

These two workshops critically examined the processes that seek to integrate traditional East Asian medicines into contemporary health care systems in order to move towards new solutions: solutions that consciously and self-reflectively work the seam between integration and authenticity as a resource to be exploited rather than as a problem that gets in the way. To this end we brought into conversation leading researchers working in the fields of East Asian or complementary medicines from a variety of disciplines that do not generally speak to each other: clinicians and clinical researchers, anthropologists and medical historians, health economists and science studies experts.

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Scheid, Volker, and Hugh MacPherson. 2011. Integrating East Asian Medicines into Modern Health Care. London: Elsevier.