The Politics and International Relations annual lecture provides students and academic staff with an opportunity to reflect on some of the 'big issues’ in contemporary politics at the commencement of the new academic year. 

This year we welcome Dr Adam Quinn, University of Birmingham, who will be addressing the question of the future of American power and its prospects. Dr Quinn is a leading scholar in American foreign policy and will explore the prospects of American power and the current US elections. 

About the speaker

Dr Adam Quinn is Senior Lecturer in International Politics at the University of Birmingham. His primary area of interest is American grand strategy, especially the relationship between America's relative power in the international system and its internal ideological debates over foreign policy. He is also interested in International Relations theory, especially realist approaches. His first book, US Foreign Policy in Context: National Ideology from the Founders to the Bush Doctrine (2010), sought to locate the National Security Strategy of the George W. Bush administration within the long-term context of American thinking about international order. 

Tickets and booking

The annual lecture is open to all current students, alumni and University of Westminster staff. If you wish to attend the lecture as an external guest, please email:

[email protected]