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We are delighted to welcome Tanzanian activist Josephat Torner, who will be speaking on the struggle for albino rights to the Centre for the Study of Democracy.

Albinism is a rare genetic disorder that affects the production of melanin. People with albinism may have very pale hair, skin and eyes, and may be more vulnerable to skin cancer and a range of eye conditions. 

During this event, Josephat will tell us about albino activism in sub-saharan Africa, where people with albinism are not only stigmatised, but also hunted for body parts. Josephat explains that this is because of traditional beliefs that albinism is a curse and that albino bodies bring wealth and fortune. 

He says: "This is insane! People should learn to accept us and treat us with respect and equality. We are normal human beings just like you, reading this right now. We eat, we sleep, we feel pain, we love, we get sick and we love football too just like other people. 

"We should not be denied the rights to be socially included, just because of the colour of our skin. This is my plea to the world, to learn to love and accept people with albinism like me.”

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This event is free and open to all. Members of the public should RSVP by emailing [email protected]