What do architects, artists, and designers actually do? What inspires them? How do they make the leaps of imagination they need to break new ground? Where do they find their ideas? How do they develop, test and share them with each other? How do they know when something’s going right?

Ambika P3 is proud to present ADAPT-r, a major exhibition that explores the research processes of working artists, architects and designers – revealing the diverse approaches to how they do what they do. From digital designers to landscape architects, brand designers to design activists, painters to performance artists, and many different types of architects, ADAPT-r presents the myriad approaches to the creative process.

This ground-breaking and challenging exhibition is the conclusion of a four-year international research initiative, funded by a major EU grant, and aims to provide rare insights through an extraordinary range of 35 creative practitioners from around the globe.

ADAPT-r, curated by Ambika P3 Director Katharine Heron, features the work of Siobhán Ní Éanaigh (McGarry Ní Éanaigh Architects, Ireland), Sam Kebbell (Kebbell Daish, NZ), Steve Larkin (Steve Larkin Architects, Ireland), C. J. Lim (Studio 8 Architects, UK), Marco Polleto and Claudia Pasquero (ecoLogicStudio, Italy/UK), Deborah Saunt (DSDHA, UK), Siv Helene Stangeland (Helen & Hard, Norway), Johannes Torpe (Johannes Torpe Studio, Denmark), and many more.

The exhibition offers a rich terrain of work to explore. It is divided into distinct areas charting the  different stages of discovery within the creative process. Individual exhibits in the Studio show work in progress and completion by 35 practitioners, whereas Rooms reveals cross views of working together. The Library includes books and discoveries, while the Garden will be the site of a daily programme of events, including discussions, performances and screenings.

For more information see the ADAPT-r website.

Private view
Wednesday 23 November, 6.30–8.30pm

Book launch and talk with Dr Tom Holbrook
Thursday 24 November, 6.30pm

Practice Research Symposium
Opening lecture by Dr Deborah Saunt
Friday 25 November, 6.30pm

Open to the public
26 November – 18 December 2016, open daily 10am–6pm

Ticketed evening events
Will start at 6.30pm. More info to be published shortly.