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What do we mean by ableism in the curriculum? What are the ethical and social considerations that we need to address to counter ableism in the curriculum? What would a curriculum that is not ableist be like? What are practical things that we can do in our classrooms that would move us toward a non-ableist curriculum?

Roundtable discussants include 

  • Nicole Brown (UCL Institute of Education)
  • Sarah Golightley (University of Edinburgh)
  • Fiona Kumari Campbell (University of Dundee)
  • Rachel O’Brien (National Union of Students) 
  • Becca-Grace Shrader (Westminster Students’ Union).

    The venue is wheelchair accessible with accessible toilets nearby. If you face other access barriers or require more detailed accessibility information, please let us know so we can support your full participation. For more information, contact Jennifer Fraser [email protected] 020 7900 5000 ext. 68270).

The event is open to everyone but registration is essential.  Registration via Eventbrite