Module code: 5WSEL022W
Credit Level: 5
Credit value: 20
Semester: 2
Available to: Students in all faculties, however some courses already include cross-disciplinary modules and are structured to offer opportunities to expand professional skills. Students on these courses are unable to choose Westminster Plus Electives – check the list of courses

Please note: elective modules are subject to availability.

What is Brexit and how will it transform Britain’s outlook with Europe and the rest of the world? The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union at the 2016 referendum has raised significant questions about the future shape of our economic, political, and cultural lives.

This unique Westminster Plus Elective module will help students understand Britain’s engagement and entanglement with the European Union. It introduces students to the historical, legal, political, cultural and social dynamics of Brexit and examines the extent to which the European Union is being transformed by populist movements across Europe.

The module is taught by leading EU scholars from across the University, allowing students to understand the challenges and opportunities of Brexit for key actors and stakeholders in both the United Kingdom and further afield. As the process of leaving the European Union is unfolding, the module provides an opportunity to reflect on the changing contours of policy, governance, and power within Europe. It will appeal to those who want to make sense of the complexities of Brexit and to contribute to debates on the European Union from their own field of knowledge.

Students will be asked to ‘event manage’ a public conference as part of the coursework assessment on the module.

What’s the advantage?

This module is great if you are interested in:

  • Thinking strategically about the economic, political and social dimensions of Brexit and the challenges and opportunities posed by Britain’s exit from the European Union;
  • Engaging with historical and contemporary questions about governance and identity in the United Kingdom and within the European Union;
  • Developing your event management skills by planning, promoting and running a high-profile conference on Brexit.