The University of Westminster Students’ Union (UWSU)’s Together In Lockdown campaign aims to match students based on where they live and what they study to give them a social experience who will be alone during the festive season.

Hands shaking in Together In Lockdown poster by UWSU
Credit: UWSU

The Students’ Union have matched students into groups of six to give them the chance to interact with other students and have some engaging challenges and games to enjoy over the festive season. Students were grouped together with those based on where they lived or what they were studying to allow students to unite with others and find their community at Westminster.

The SU created a range of challenges and games to allow students to meet new people in their community and support one another during a time they would usually be surrounded by loved ones. Some of the challenges and games included cupcake decorating, quizzes and a step challenge to ensure students are staying fit.

The campaign received overwhelming support, with over 60 sign ups to take part. The Students’ Union hopes to expand the campaign to invite new arrivals to sign up who may be struggling to meet new people.

Talking about the campaign, Head of Business Development & Communications at UWSU Sarah Parsons, said: "Starting University can be a hard experience for students as meeting new people and finding your community can be intimidating. Since the transition to online learning, we have seen an increase in students feeling isolated and disconnected from each other. 

“The Together In Lockdown campaign has brought together students studying the same courses and in similar living situations. This has been highly successful with those who have signed up to the campaign with many saying it’s been the first opportunity that they have had to socially meet people based at their campus. Personally, is been heart-warming to support students who have found it hard to meet people in their first few weeks. it can be a scary time and it’s important to all of us at the Students’ Union to ensure we help support that transition into University life."

Find out more and sign up to the Together In Lockdown campaign on the UWSU website.

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