Westminster Working Cultures UK (WWC UK) can offer you a unique opportunity to learn about the UK’s professional landscape, a variety of career opportunities, and enhance your skills while meeting other Westminster students and building your connections. 

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All sessions and workshops have an employability focus and our alumni speakers share their professional journey and advice that helps students from every background achieve their goals. Our speakers offer advice on building your confidence, improving your interview skills, developing leadership skills and a global perspective, and more. On a WWC UK programme, you also will get the chance to meet other Westminster students through group chats, social activities and games.

Two virtual programmes are running in June 2021, a five-day programme and a three-day programme. You can apply from Monday 8 March to Sunday 28 March, 23:59. You can find out more information about our WWC UK programmes here

  • Three-day WWC UK programme 

Monday 7 June - Wednesday 9 June 2021

Our three-day programme has a large capacity and is open to all undergraduate students. Apply now to the three-day programme

  • Five-day WWC UK programme 

Monday 14 June  - Friday 18 June 2021

Our five-day programme is generously funded by Santander Universities, offering 60 undergraduate students from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds a place on the programme and a £500 bursary, focused on empowering students who have faced significant barriers to their employability goals. Apply now to the five-day programme
One of the September WWC UK participants said about the programme: “This programme made me realise I am more capable than I thought I was and I shall always hold onto that faith in myself in every part of my life. I loved how this platform was organised, taking place virtually during this tough time of the pandemic. My confidence has been boosted and I have finally started to believe in myself and been positive about it." 

If you need any further information, please email [email protected].  

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