The Students' Union Elections period has kicked off, and this is your chance to use your vote(s) to get the right people in. 

UWSU elections

We have an amazing line-up of students running in the Elections, all of whom are keen to improve your University experience through various campaigns and initiatives! Before you click away and ignore this, bear with us, and read along to learn why you should vote in the Elections...

1. You've paid a lot of money to be at University! Make the most out of it by ensuring you vote for your future Officers whose manifestos align with your interests and University needs.

2. Having the right to vote is a privilege and you should exercise that right. People have literally fought and died so we can have a fair and just democratic process.

3. Your peers need your support! The candidates running in the elections are passionate to make change happen in the University. Lecture capture, new social spaces, disability & mental health support, more social events, etc. are just some of the things previous Officers have provided.

4. Incentives for all! We've introduced a voter meter - it's essentially a meter with milestones. The more students vote, the more you can get. For example, if we get 200 voters then it's free entry at Messy Monday. There's a lot more, including an inflatable obstacle course. Just saying...

5. Our voting system is simple and easy. On Monday 17 February, you will be sent an direct link to vote, no login required. You will go through each of the roles, and all you need to do is click on candidates in order of your preference. That's literally it!

Got any questions? Drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help!

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