With experience in running fundraising calling campaigns, the University’s Development team were recruited to run a peer-to-peer student calling campaign involving 38 student callers reaching out to just under 3,000 offer holders yet to make a decision. 


The team did a remarkable job at pulling everything together within a two-week period to go live on 1 June, running through to 18 June.

Current students reached out to prospective students, providing them with one-to-one advice and support. They shared their own experience of life at Westminster and answered any questions raised by prospective students. 

Speaking about the campaign, a current student, who took part as a student caller, said: “This is a really fun role which lets you expand your knowledge of the University, improve your skill-set and make friends with people from other campuses/courses; whilst helping potential students make an important decision by sharing your personal experience and giving them the advice you wish you had when you were 18.” 

Another student caller said: “I am feeling like I am more than a part of the University. Westminster became to be my second family especially after this campaign. I felt like I am not alone and there is always someone for supporting all of us as students to deal with anything we might have. Moreover, I improved my communication skills so much by doing this campaign.”

University’s Development officer Amar Kataora also said: "Working on this peer-to-peer calling campaign with our student callers was an absolute pleasure. The caller's passion for Westminster was inspiring and sharing their own positive experiences of life at Westminster, and the transition to online learning, provided the reassurance for those offer holders who had concerns about enrolling this September. 

“To see over 1,200 offer holders contacted as part of the campaign, go on to accept their place was testament to the dedication and commitment of our callers. Another example of what makes us uniquely Westminster. Our student caller should be proud of how they've supported Westminster's future!"

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