What is provides online training courses for range of software and programmes including courses on topics such as business, marketing, computer science, education, study skills, and the creative industries.

As a student at the University of Westminster you are entitled to a free subscription worth £250.

What is the challenge?

Each day you will watch one three minute video from different courses on the platform:

  • Day 1 – Active vs. passive learning
  • Day 2 – Taking notes 
  • Day 3 – Taking strategic breaks
  • Day 4 – Wikipedia
  • Day 5 – Speed Reading: Preview
  • Day 6 – Avoiding excessive highlighting 
  • Day 7 – Search basics (Boolean)
  • Day 8 – Creating a study plan
  • Day 9 – Group collaborations
  • Day 10 – Joining the online conversation
  • Day 11 – Building your brand
  • Day 12 – Bookmarking on


Why take the challenge?

Get some key tips on how to improve your study skills and take time to reflect on your approaches to learning. The challenge will also introduce you to the platform.

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