The University has been working hard to embed a variety of work based and placement learning initiatives into the undergraduate curriculum to ensure students gain valuable employability skills and experience that make them stand out when applying for work. 

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If you are an undergraduate student, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to build up your employability and transferable skills and secure those highly skilled graduate jobs. 

Research shows that graduates are much more likely to secure highly skilled graduate level jobs upon leaving university if they have participated in some form of work-based learning or placement. Not only does this increase confidence levels and employability skills in students but it also enables employers to select graduates who have had real work experience in a professional setting. You can find out more about the latest research by looking at the Institute for Student Employers and Luminate/Prospects website.

This specific project is currently being rolled out across all main undergraduate courses as they come up for their periodic renewal or modification and is due for completion by 2025.

To take part in the project, you will be required to complete a minimum of 35 hours work based and placement learning at level 4 and/or level 5 and will have the option of doing a year on placement/study abroad if you wish between level 5 and level 6

Top 5 Resources to support you

  • Bright Network Academy - Learn new abilities and impress leading employers through this free e-learning platform
  • EngagePlus - Additional careers resources
  • Forage - Learn from top companies and set yourself apart in these virtual work experience programs
  • - Practice interviews online. Getting that placement / work experience opportunity is just an interview away, so make it your best one
  • WBPL Pathway via LinkedIn Learning - This is your opportunity to gain all those important employability skills as part of your Work Based and Placement Learning objectives!

Need more? Not to worry! We've compiled a list of additional resources that could help you in completing the WBPL project here.

Find out more about the Work Based and Placement Learning project on Engage. 

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