Find out more about our student engagement and attendance systems and why it is important for you to register your attendance.

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The Student Engagement and Attendance (SEA) system is a digital system that records your attendance to all your learning sessions, both those taking place on-site at one of our campuses or being delivered online via blackboard. 

For on-site classes, all students are required to swipe in to their classes by swiping their ID card onto one of the readers in the room.
For online classes, students are required to log-in to blackboard and access the relevant teaching and learning activities/materials in the module blackboard site.

Attending your learning sessions provides you with opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully complete your course. 

We know that a dip in attendance can be a sign that you may be experiencing problems and can help us to help you in any areas you may be finding hard - whether that is timetable clashes, an overload of work or personal situations which can make attendance difficult.  

Your personal tutor may contact you to talk about your absence and additionally if you are a tier4 student, you may be contacted by the tier4 team to discuss your attendance and the conditions of your visa.

Using SEA helps us to:

  • Ensure we can take a proactive approach to supporting you when you need it

  • Enable you to maximise your potential, increase your success and achievements

Please swipe into SEA readers in teaching spaces so that attendance can be monitored to support NHS Test and Trace, in line with the University's personal data protection policy.

If you have a query regarding your engagement and attendance, please contact us at 
[email protected].

Find out more about student engagement and attendance.

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