We have recently launched our new Report and Support portal, which allows anyone studying with us to report experiences of bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, racism and hate crime - whether the incident occurred inside or outside the Westminster community. 

As well as providing a way to confidentially report issues, the portal also contains resources and articles on a wide range of topics and support services, so that you can access information independently. 

There are a few different ways you can report unwanted behaviour. When you make a report, you can choose to say who you are, in which case you will be contacted by an advisor who will be available to discuss your experience and give you advice on how the university can help. Alternatively, you can choose to report anonymously, which will help the university track trends in reporting issues and develop plans allowing us to take action to combat unacceptable behaviours. 

Westminster is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for everyone, and we hope these steps will help support anyone who has been subject to any unwanted behaviours. The portal aligns with our core values - enabling a responsible, progressive and compassionate response to your concerns and creating a safer and stronger community for all those studying with us. 

The Report and Support portal was developed  through a partnership between the University, the Students’ Union, and an external partner, Cultureshift. Cultureshift has helped develop this system across several UK universities, so we are now connected to an active learning community of universities who are committed to creating tolerant, fair and safe learning environments.

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