Now that you have settled into this new academic year, it is important that you look after your health, wellbeing and safety.

Looking after yourself

Here are some good tips on how you can protect your health, look after your wellbeing and keep yourself safe whilst studying with us:

  • If you are new to London, make sure you register with a GP

  • Ensure you are up to date with all immunisations.

As a student, you are more at risk of certain illnesses than the general population. Infections can spread quickly due to close living arrangements, so it is important to have the appropriate vaccinations and remain vigilant for symptoms. If you have not been vaccinated against mumps, measles, rubella and meningitis, remember to register with a GP and arrange an appointment to receive an MMR or Meningitis ACWY vaccine. If you are not sure whether you have received the vaccines, please contact your GP to check. An MMR & Men ACWY pop-up clinic in Marylebone campus will be hosted by Vaccination UK. The organisation will be doing vaccinations on Friday 25 October from 10am - 4pm.

If you are worried about your wellbeing or that of someone else, please look at our students’ support and services pages where you can find contact details for support available.

  • What to do during an emergency situation on campus?

In the event of an emergency during office hours while on one of the University campuses you should call extension 5555 from a landline telephone. The operators are trained to take all the information required and contact a First Aider/emergency service(s). If you cannot access any landline telephones, you can also call 020 7911 5000 and ask for extension 5555 from your mobile phone. Make sure you save this number in your contacts. 

In case of emergency out of office hours, please call 999 and contact Switchboard on +44 (0)20 7911 5000 to ask for the relevant reception, most of which are staffed 24 hours a day. Save this number in your mobile to make sure you have it on hand. 

  • Don’t be fooled and watch out for money mules and scams.

You might be approached by fraudsters online or in person. They might post what looks like a genuine job ad, then ask for your bank details. Follow these five key pieces of advice and remember to never give away any of your bank account details or personal data.

  • Look out for your personal safety when out and about, on the streets and underground. If you get caught up in an incident, follow the counter-terrorism police’s advice Run, Hide, Tell:

Run to a place of safety. This is a far better option than to surrender or negotiate. 
Hide; it’s better than to confront. Remember to turn your phone to silent and turn off vibrate. Barricade yourself in if you can. Tell the police by calling 999.

Watch our video on how you can focus on your health and wellbeing.

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