The Decolonising the Curriculum Toolkit, a collaborative project between students and colleagues at the University of Westminster and beyond, has been launched. 

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The Toolkit aims to provide colleagues with the resources to start thinking about and engaging in decolonising learning and teaching. The project recognises that decolonising the curriculum is a collaborative, long-term and on-going process that needs to involve careful and comprehensive thought. 

Curricula assumptions need to be critically re-evaluated in terms of what is taught and how it is taught. A key pillar of decolonising is the collaboration and partnership between students and colleagues. The project was inspired by conversations with colleagues who were in search of resources and help to start thinking about decolonising curricula in their specific disciplines, and the toolkit evolved from these conversations. 

The toolkit is a starting point for the University to approach decolonising the curriculum and revisiting assumptions about learning and teaching. Moving forward, the plan is to actively engage with students and colleagues across the University in their efforts at decolonising the curriculum and to support these efforts by co-creating additional practical tools for engaging in decolonisation.

Dr Fatima Maatwk, a member of the project team, said: “The process of decolonising our curriculum is not only essential for creating an inclusive learning and teaching environment, but it is also a fundamental pillar of building relationships with students. 
Re-evaluating our assumptions about how we teach and what we teach and acknowledging the collaborative spirit of decolonising are vital to engage with our students and to create a safer principled learning space for us all." 

In acknowledgement of the varying decolonising needs for each discipline, the Toolkit offers an introductory reading list, followed by lists for each subject area taught at the University of Westminster. 

In recognition of their time, ideas and efforts, acknowledgements and thanks are due to Tanveer Ahmed, Kyra Araneta, Samira Ashraf, Jasmine Barre, Dr Rumy Begum, Dr Olimpia Burchiellaro, Derin Fadina, Jayne Flowers, Manvir Grewal, Sara Hafeez, Dr Deborah Husbands, Sana Khan, Dr Fatima Maatwk, Morgan McLeod, Ekua McMorris, Dr Alan Porter, Lorna Rosbottom and Dr Moonisah Usman.

For more information about the project, please email Dr Jennifer Fraser, University Director of Student Partnership in the Centre for Education and Teaching Innovation, and Principal Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences. 

Learn more about the Decolonising the Curriculum Toolkit, including the full list of subject areas involved.

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