Food waste campaign

Food waste has an environmental, economic and social impact. According to Love Food Hate Waste ‘we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year’ in the UK alone. More than half of this could have been consumed.

Aiming to reduce food waste at University Halls, in line with the waste hierarchy, the Sustainability Team is currently handing over to students some materials that enable food sharing and provide information on how to avoid food waste.

Food waste stickers are designed as a way to highlight to flatmates any food you would like to share. The process is fairly straightforward - if you would like to share a certain item, just to put a sticker on it and write down the date, so others can see how long it has been available for. If you see a product with a sticker, it means you can go ahead and use it in your meal!

Download the food waste stickers (PDF)

The team has also selected a range of easy to prepare, cheap, and seasonal recipes. The Seasonal Recipes Calendar aims to encourage students to cook at home, to inform you about planning portions, and to emphasise the benefits of seasonal fruits and vegetables. The recipes also have information on how to make the most of leftover vegetables, fruits, herbs and cheese. 

Download the seasonal recipes calendar (PDF)

In addition, to reduce the impact of food waste and to be able to increase the portion of waste made into compost, the team is starting a food waste trial at Marylebone Halls and New Cavendish canteen, which will help the University understand how to reduce food waste further.

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