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Need to deliver a presentation for a job interview or as part of your degree? Giving a speech at a wedding and just wished you were a more confident speaker? Then come find out what it takes to be a confident public speaker!

Join us and hear from Westminster alumna Jenny Garrett, an award-winning executive career coach, author, and TEDx speaker, as she provides practical advice and tips on improving your public speaking skills. Jenny has extensive experience coaching individuals from companies such as Ernst & Young, American Express, Accenture and Shell. She is also the founder of Reflexion Associates, an expansive, holistic and enlightening leadership coaching and development consultancy, which aims to evoke the best in individuals, teams and organisations.

There will be time to ask Jenny questions both during the Q&A and informally after the event with refreshments and networking.

About the speaker

Jenny Garrett, Executive Coach and Author, Jennygarrett.global (Business Administration BA, 2000) Jenny Garrett is a published author, a Freeman at the Guild of Entrepreneurs and an award winning career coach. Jenny attained a PG certificate in coaching whilst working full-time as a marketer before reducing her hours to start her own successful company. “At the time I couldn’t see any full time roles for coaches in existence. I realised that I would have to start a coaching business to do what I was passionate about. So I didn’t choose to run a business. It chose me.”

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