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"Richard Kolker's photography is real, not real and unreal. It demands re-orientation" 

Dr Gavin Murphy, Source Photographic Journal, 2019.

Artist Richard Kolker discusses his digital practice: "With the proliferation of digital technologies what photography is and what it does has become somewhat unclear and confused. But this need not be a bad thing; it can be critical and helpful. Essentially my practice is concerned with navigating the world from my post-photographic studio using the computer-generated environment"

Online talk livestreamed Tuesday 1 December 18:00 - 19:00. 

Accessing Lecture

Direct link to join talk: https://eu.bbcollab.com/guest/ee6469bc73944b6f831b05c21591cbad
Log into WMIN.MEDIA and scroll down to 'Photography Forum Talks' for live talks and recordings. 

Recordings of talks will be available for three weeks.

About the Westminster Photography Forum Series

The Westminster Photography Forum offers a series of talks by visiting artist/photographers, theorists, historians, curators and other industry professionals. Geared towards students at all levels as well as staff, the series offers the community a shared focus for discussions of contemporary debates in photography.