Photography talks

This series of talks is part of the Westminster Photography Forum Series and will be taking place in the Harrow Auditorium every Wednesday until 19 February.

The first talk will be delivered by Lisa Bernard, a photographic artist, interested in aesthetics, politics and the military. She will be talking about her most recent project, "The Canary and the Hammer,” an investigation of the troubled history of gold and the complex ways it intersects with the global economy.

These Wednesday lunchtime talks will be open to all students. This series will feature artists, curators, theorists and other photography professionals, including members of the University’s staff:

  • 22 January – Lisa Barnard

  • 29 January – Jananne Al–Ani

  • 5 February – Trish Morrissey

  • 12 February – Amak Mahmoodian

  • 19 February – Max Pinckers

Read more about Lisa Barnard on her webpages.