Twenty twenty vision graduate show flyer

Join us for a virtual degree show celebrating the work of graduating students from Illustration & Visual Communication BA (Hons).

TWENTY TWENTY VISION is a showcase of work from graduating students from Illustration & Visual Communication BA (hons).

Projects showcased represent a range of different areas of illustration and graphic design.

Highlights include - A reportage illustration project documenting Rave Culture in 2020 by Agnes Meakin,  Pariah, An exuberantly colourful comic book exploring issues around discrimination, Typographic / photgraphic explorations of a personal journey form Nepal to London by Ruwal Dangol, an evocative visual narrative Anna by Natalia Stoyanova, a graphic novel visualising oral folklore of Pakistan by Imaan Tanvir, fashion design, surface pattern design, editorial illustration, chldren's picture books, packaging design, concept art and character design for games and much more

Click here to visit the show. Registration for this event is not required.