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A virtual workshop for PhD students and early career researchers at the University of Westminster

About this Event 

Health and wellbeing research is increasingly addressed by integrating a range of research methodologies, perspectives and disciplines. In December 2019, the University of Westminster’s Health Innovation Ecosystem and the University’s Health Innovation and Wellbeing Research Community co-hosted a PhD and early-career researcher event to facilitate, encourage and support cross-disciplinary conversations about health and wellbeing research. As several attendees requested a workshop or seminar about publishing interdisciplinary health-related research, we are holding a virtual workshop on how to best write up health-related research for submission to interdisciplinary journals. 

Our external speaker, Professor Paul Higgs (University College London), editor of the interdisciplinary journal Social Theory and Health, will shed light on publishing interdisciplinary health and wellbeing research from an editor’s perspective.

Dr Dana Rosenfeld will discuss her own experience with writing and publishing interdisciplinary health and wellbeing research. Both speakers will answer questions from the ‘audience’. 

The event will be held via BB collaborate. If you would like to participate, please register via Eventbrite and make sure to include questions or themes you would like the speakers to answer or discuss. After the event, an email will be circulated asking for feedback and suggestions for future events.