Join this unique masterclass designed to help you radically shift the way you pitch and communicate.

Pitching, public speaking and communication workshop

Join this unique masterclass designed to help you radically shift the way you pitch and communicate, organised by the Creative Enterprise Centre

Unlike other pitch workshops, this masterclass will give you the opportunity to develop spontaneity, charisma and originality. You will also learn the secrets to empowered body language so that you come across as a leader in your field. And by connecting to your authenticity, you will pitch more inspirationally and attract better opportunities.

You will learn:

  • How to be viewed more as a leader in your domain.
  • Tell a truly compelling story of your business idea.
  • Simplify your message so you inspire.
  • Empower your body language to rocket your impact. 
  • Project a more dynamic vocal presence.
  • Develop spontaneity so you sound exciting rather than flat.
  • Let go of what anyone thinks whilst still caring about what matters.

You cannot underestimate the power of communication. It's the fuel that rockets your ideas from obscurity to visibility. It's the engine that drives your business to the highest domain. And it's the bedrock of all successful business stories.


Amy Tez is is a highly trained actress with over 20 years of professional theatre experience along with a strong background in executive-level coaching around the world. 
She has worked with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, tech founders, politicians, senators, lawyers, senior executives, high-profile actors as well as presidents of international companies. Her work spans both the public and private sectors.

Amy specialises in preparing clients for important pitches, presentations, talks, television appearances, radio interviews, difficult negotiations and much more.
Trained mostly in The Meisner Technique, which teaches presence, spontaneity and connection - all crucial qualities to becoming an outstanding communicator. She set up two theatre companies: Shotgun Theatre with actor Tom Hardy in 2006, and Killer Theatre in 2009 culminating in a West End play at The Trafalgar Studios, London. 

Her work with entrepreneurs, although rooted in actor training, is firmly applied within a business context.


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