3D motion capture

Tune in for our third annual Motion Capture Demo day, taking place on Thursday 8 November between 11am – 5pm.

The broadcast consists of a live webcast. Viewers can access the webcast link and see the proceedings live and ask questions of the lecturers and students.

You can also view the demo day from 2017 and 2016.

Each year we present the workflow of the Vicon Blade Motion Capture system in the motion capture lab in Clipstone 5.111 for the 6MMCS004W (Advanced Interactive Media Development) taken by digital media development, computer games development, and computer science / software engineering students. After this, they use the lab to produce their own motion capture animation for the final interactive media product coursework.

Human motion capture is an important part of the games and film industries, and also has a key place in science and research. With the new XRLab at Cavendish and Marylebone, the capability for 3d animation display on standard web platforms, along with the new University of Westminster strategy for digital environment, it is increasingly important to understand this production technique. If you are interested in attending this or other Mocap (Motion Capture) demo sessions, please contact Jeffrey Ferguson ([email protected]).

This year we are pleased to welcome back Alex Diplock, who is working at the University as a Part Time Visiting Lecturer. 

Alex joins us from his other work at Synertial Motion Capture systems, ActingDigital, and the Imaginarium, the UK's world-leading motion capture studio.