The Human Library Project is back! This is your opportunity to talk with other students and staff about shared and different experiences of studying and working at the University. 

Human library project people chatting

The Human Library Project team will run two Human Libraries in celebration of Black History Month on Wednesday 16 October between 1-3pm

During the event, which takes place at Cavendish campus library, human ‘books’ will create book titles that reflect their experiences of living with prejudice, bias, stereotype, stigma and discrimination. Human ‘borrowers’ will engage with the human ‘book’ using self-directed challenging and respectful conversations based on the contents of their selected ‘book’. The whole process takes less than an hour. 

Feedback of the experience from participating staff and students is always overwhelmingly positive. One human ‘book’ from a previous Black History Month Human Library said: “I really enjoyed being a book and actually felt this was the first time I could share information about where I was coming from”. 

To register for the event, book: 

If you have further questions about the Human Library Project, please email [email protected].