Dr Yi-Li Wu and Dr Leslie de Vries of the Beyond Tradition project at the Faculty of Science and Technology's EASTmedicine group, held a successful workshop entitled, Comparative Perspectives on Body Materiality and Structure in the History of Sinitic and East Asian medicines.

The workshop was organised in collaboration with Professor Miranda Brown at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) on 2–4 October 2015.

Workshop participants came from Europe, North America, and Asia and their expertise covered the history of medicine in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Tibet, and the West.

Four papers were presented by members of the EASTmedicine group: Professor Volker Scheid discussed the re-imaginations of the body through free flow in the work of Ye Tianshi (1664-1746), Dr Kiebok Yi explored how the 19th century Korean doctor Yi Chema perceived the psychosocial body, Dr Yi-Li Wu focused on bodily structures in the medical writings and cases of the Chinese doctor Hu Tingguang (fl. 1808-1815) and Dr Leslie de Vries traced down the structures of the interior body in the Le Huu Trac's 18th century encyclopaedia of Sino-Vietnamese medicine.

The workshop laid down sound foundations for further collaborative and cross-disciplinary historical research on the material body in East Asian medicine and was generously sponsored by the Wellcome Trust, the ACLS-CCK, and the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Michigan.

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