Our innovative programme, designed for women targeting a board role, has covered topics such as governance, emotional intelligence and how to build and maintain resilience.

Led by the consultant and academic Dr Ruth Sacks, the programme's second intensive day included informative, thought-provoking and interactive sessions on the skills, competences and behaviours essential for roles at board level.

The session on governance, for instance, focused on what makes an effective board and how board members' key roles and responsibilities affect this.

Caroline White, the Chief Executive of the Youth Hostel Association (YHA), shared her experiences and lessons learnt on the ways in which body language has a strong impact on self-presentation and creating the right impression.

Barbara Allan, Dean of Westminster Business School, followed with a well-received session on emotional intelligence and the role it plays in leadership and influencing people.

The final session of the day was a practical workshop from the Centre for Resilience, led by Dr David Peters and Hilda Barrett. This brought together the themes of the day, through discussions on the links between resilience and effective leadership.
Participants' feedback included the following comments:
“Really good day: great speakers, fantastic networking with colleagues plus good combination of topics.”

“Really engaging - got me thinking!”

“Fascinating. Probably one of the most impactful session in the sense that we can use the takeaways any time in our personal and professional lives.”

"Very well organised and planned. I am getting a lot out of it both in terms of the content and the interaction with the other attendees.”
The programme's third day on 13 March will cover finance at board level, networking and what it takes for both women and men to make it on a board.

Ruth Sacks has already published articles in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, HRM Magazine, Prowess and Borderless. To find out more about the upcoming sessions and speakers, please visit the course's page.

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