Westminster final year undergraduate students from the Tourism and Events Management BA Honours course have organised successful live event projects in London, as part of the ‘Staging an Event’ module.

The module ‘Staging an Event’, part of the Tourism and Events Management BA Honours course, is led by Chantal Laws, a Senior Lecturer in Events. The module aims to develop students' practical event management skills by providing them with the opportunity to develop, pitch, plan and deliver an event of their own choosing to a public audience.

As part of their final assignments, students organised live event projects from a wide range of different types. One of the events, entitled Disconnect, dedicated its profits to the ‘Help Refugees’ charity organisation, aimed at providing refugees with basic needs. The event was an art show exploring the reasons of why modern society has become a place of social disconnect. Artists explored, through their work, what the idea of disconnection meant to them, in different themes including sexuality, social constructs, technologies, race and gender. The event took place at an arts venue, the Horse Hospital.

Additionally, all the projects were supported by funding from the Quintin Hogg Trust via the Westminster Tourism Student Society.

Other students’ events, such as arts and music exhibitions, screenings of pop up cinemas, masquerade parties, film festivals and evening games, also took place and involved many guests from a wide range of areas including filmmakers, artists and musicians.

Students were in charge of finding locations, organising the logistics and promoting their events.

Chantal Laws, the Senior Lecturer leading the ‘Event Staging’ module, said: "This year, nine student teams have planned their events over the course of their final year of study, working with an academic staff mentor who has professional experience of running events.

“Students are encouraged to become reflective practitioners in this process and there is often a full learning curve in the process of staging their events. This type of practical experience is vital for any student of events management, and makes a real difference to their employability alongside regular work experience throughout their course. We are immensely proud of what this year's teams have achieved - putting on a successful event in central London is challenging even for seasoned professionals and the students' dedication, vision, creativity and project management skills are clear for all to see."

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