Fourteen second-year students from the Department of Engineering visited CISCO Meraki, accompanied by Anush Yardim, the Department’s Industrial liaison and placement coordinator who arranged the visit and Chee Yeung, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Engineering. 

All Industrial visits organised in the Faculty of Science and Technology are highly relevant to the students’ courses. The CISCO Meraki visit was particularly beneficial to those studying on the Computer Network Security BSc Honours course and several students are now in the process of being interviewed for the company’s internship programme, as a result of the visit.

Arturas Taleikis, a second year student from the Computer Network Security BSc Honours course, said: “After working with Cisco equipment for a long time, I have been honoured to finally visit one the divisions of this corporate giant. It was a great opportunity for me and my fellow students to find out what it means to be part of a diverse and dynamic team providing its services across the globe.”

Speaking about the day of the visit, Aturas said: “Soon after everybody was seated, we were introduced to the members of the Network Support Team who have prepared a presentation about the company followed by a short demo of their main product known as the Dashboard. After the introduction, the employees have kindly agreed to show us around the building including the offices, labs, kitchens and meeting rooms.”

“The atmosphere in the office was very relaxed. There were not any individual rooms or cubicles, all employees were working together regardless of their rank. It was rather unusual to find out that the company did not have any strict regulations regarding the dress code.”

 “After having a look around, we have gathered back in the presentation area for a meal and had a chance for an informal chat with all of the employees. I was very impressed with the amount of effort these people have put into organising the event, everyone was friendly, polite and supportive. We all have received some useful advice on interview preparation and were encouraged to apply for either the summer internship or even a graduate position.”

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