We've been speaking to Hannah Joseph, who has been working in the music industry for 25 years and graduated from the University of Westminster Music Business Management MA course in 2012. 

Among others, Hannah manages Producer Wez Clarke, who has recently won a Best Dance Recording Grammy for his mix of Clean Bandit's single 'Rather Be'. She has also been a Visiting Lecturer for the Internship and Professional Development Programme, as well as leading the Finance and Entrepreneurship Module.

She gives us her advice for making it in the music industry: 

"I have been working in the music industry for 25 years and have had the good fortune to be involved with a wide range of producer's careers, from Wiliam Orbit, Biff Stannard and Ash Howes to Calvin Harris. I have also worked with many different companies including Universal, 19 Ent, Crown/ Turnfirst and TSZ/RocNation. 

"The industry is very small when it comes to reputation and profile, so it's important to always provide the best job for each client. You have to be fair in regards to terms, no matter how successful the client. Like everyone else, creatives go through peaks and troughs in their careers, and the ideal is to provide them with a solid foundation to ensure sustainability.

"Sessions ultimately stem from relationships with managers, A&R, publishers, lawyers and artists – make everyone your friend and you will go far! Grammy award winning opportunities – be they co-writes, productions or mixes – don't come along every day. They tend to be an accumulation of hard work, talent, tenacity and a little bit of magic, from both the creative and management side. 

"If you are talented and build relationships well, the industry is an open playing field. Everyone loves a great new talent and most support good people, but things don't happen overnight. My client Wez Clarke won a Grammy for Clean Bandit's 'Rather Be' (Best Dance Recording) and whilst we all knew it was a big song and he did an awesome job on the production/mix, no one could predict it would go on to be the second biggest song of 2014 and a Grammy-winning recording. You have to keep your mind open to all opportunities."

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