The partnership, with mindset coaching business Unstoppable! in association with IHEART, an organisation specialising in educating young people about their inner resilience and wellbeing, will deliver a resilience programme to all first year law students in their first semester. 

At the forefront of teaching, the University of Westminster is the first university in the UK to run this programme for an entire year group, with the potential to expand it to other courses as well. With legal professionals being increasingly exposed to emotional and psychologically challenging environments, resilience and wellbeing are high on the agenda of professional bodies like the Bar Council and the Law Society.

Running at the end of October during Student Engagement Week, IHEART is an educational programme which will empower participants with the certainty to handle whatever challenges they might face in their professional and personal lives. It addresses real issues students encounter on a daily basis, inside and outside university.

The programme will be delivered by a team of certified facilitators from IHEART, led by their Head of Education Terry Rubenstein, with input from Sylvie Bacquet, Senior Lecturer and Senior School Tutor at the Westminster Law School, and the personal tutoring team. To help them see the relevance and value for their future careers, two senior barristers, who have benefited from this same education, will also be speaking to them and contributing to the programme. 

Through a series of highly interactive modules, students will learn why they can rely on the mind’s hugely intelligent design to navigate life, and how to make sense of their experience when they are struggling, and to self-correct if they go off track.

Students will have the opportunity to explore the implications of their relationship to stress and anxiety, breaking the cycle of unhelpful habits and of establishing connected relationships, and apply them to their own everyday experiences.

IHEART focuses specifically on early education, prevention and sustainable solutions, learning how to access innate potential and wellbeing and understanding the thinking that drives destructive and demotivating behaviour.

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