In collaboration with Design studio Start, the Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design launched Folio, an online platform for students to share their work.

Folio is a new portfolio site for Westminster students which will enable them to share ideas and critique each other’s work. Folio enables students to build up an online portfolio of work while they are studying, which can be used to showcase their creative outputs to prospective clients and employers, without the need to pay for their own individual portfolios or websites.

The aim of the project, executed by Start, is to encourage students to upload and share their work, and to celebrate their talent. On the website students will be able to build their profiles, upload their work and tag their projects, so that they are easily searchable. They can also ‘like’ other people’s work, which will allow them to receive feedback and exchange ideas with their peers on their projects.

The website includes a simple top navigation bar, with options of “profile”, “notifications”, “add work” and “search”, with a top carousel banner of blogs, articles and news under it. The latest uploaded work will be featured underneath, and visitors to the site will be able to scroll through to see the most recently uploaded projects. The Folio site, which is yet to go live, will be publicly open, allowing tutors at the University of Westminster, or any guests who wish to browse junior designers’ work, to view it.

Speaking about the launch of Folio, Jonathan Stockdale, Associate Dean at the University of Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design, said: “It was clear that Start cared about delivering a piece of work that would help prepare our students for their future careers in the industry. With Folio, our students are connecting across courses, modules and disciplines in ways we never foresaw in our initial predictions. Thrilled – that’s how I’d put it in one word.”

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