A student from the Interactive Media Practice MA course at the University of Westminster worked as an audio lead on developing new game ‘Shiness’ released by well-known gaming companies including PlayStation 4, Xbox, One and PC.

The game, aimed at finishing an exciting quest while battling enemies, was warmly received by gaming firm PlayStation keen to share with users a new fighting game with a real exciting story.

Many renowned game critics such as RPG Fan, Thumb Culture, PlayStation Country, Game Hype and Entertainment Buddah have praised ‘Shiness’, particularly the success of its audio. Invision Community commented: “The sound of the game compliments the general atmosphere and the genre that the game as to portray the character voices, sound effects and even combat sounds are all very detailed as well, and the entirety of the sound is of high quality standard.”

The Westminster MA student, Angel Ignace, who worked on the audio part of the game, said about his experience working on ‘Shiness’: “It was a great opportunity to work alongside many creative individuals, I had the opportunity to develop the audio as part of my major project, which was both highly technical and creative too.”

Speaking about the importance of student-industry collaboration, Course Leader for the Interactive Media Practice MA course Savraj Matharu said: “It is great to see our students working in the creative sector through collaborating in teams, reflective of the industry itself. It is an excellent testament and validation to showcase the calibre of work our students are producing on the masters, as the game is now commercially published over many platforms for Playstation4, Xbox One, and being very well received by games critics, bloggers and experts in the field.”  

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