On Wednesday 11 May 2016, Westminster Business School held its Annual Doctoral Colloquium. The gathering is part of the research training programme and provides students with an opportunity to develop both academic and practical research skills.

The event consisted of a series of presentations from research students sharing their current research with their student peers and faculty academics. Topics of presentations included: Designing services in new venture context, Corporate social responsibility in the Russian energy sector and Productivity, growth and income distribution.

The aim of the yearly event is to boost students’ development and training in the disciplines of business and management, and to integrate the PhD programme with the academics and the research life of the School.

Third year PhD student Lilit Baghdasaryan: "The colloquium is a great opportunity for PhD students, especially to those who have just started the programme as it enables them to present their research and showcase what they are trying to find out as well as how they will achieve it.

"It is also a great opportunity to receive comments and feedback from academics, and make any necessary amendments. Furthermore, it builds confidence so that students can present their research at external events and represent the University."

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