Westminster Business School, in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, has hosted an exclusive event to hear from women who are leaders in conflict zones.

Dangerous Women: Risk in Leadership was held at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Locarno Room, where Barack Obama had been speaking the day before. The event featured speakers who talked about their experience of leading in challenging locations.

The speakers were Abigail Boyle, Head of the Yemen Team at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Jane Marriott OBE, Director of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Karen Pierce CMG, British Ambassador in Afghanistan and Anne Reevell, Country Director, BBC Media Action, North Africa.

The debate was chaired by Corin Robertson and Dr Ruth Sacks, the Director of Business Development at Westminster Business School. Speaking about the event, Dr Ruth Sacks said: “We heard about situations many of us hope never to encounter, yet we learnt so much about dealing with the unexpected and supporting others that we can apply to our own working environment.”  

The speakers shared some of their experiences about living and working in a war zone, managing a confrontation with a group of gun wielding men, which contrasted with meeting a group of local women to discuss the challenges of keeping their children at school.

They also shared how they have learnt to always talk to people about what is happening however difficult, to be comfortable outside of your comfort zone and to take the time to sustain your resilience. 

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