Westminster Business School alumnus Rory Sadler’s BuzzDose app is the first patient enrollment, engagement and management app for the Clinical Trial industry. 

Rory founded BuzzDose upon identifying the two major difficulties which the clinical trials industry face: reliability of results and not finding enough patients.

“My solution to this was BuzzDose – the first patient enrolment, engagement and management app for the clinical trial industry. Essentially it puts the power into the patients’ hands and provides them with lots of features, such as easy access to booking appointments,” says Rory.

Through the app’s multifunctional capabilities, the app aims to tackle the issues companies face such as struggling to prove their findings are 100 per cent reliable. The app can assist patients in finding trials they are suitable for, allow companies to monitor progress and help generate more accurate results. BuzzDose works by generating data to help clinical trial companies monitor their patients and their progress. The app also acts as a companion to the patients, allowing them to keep track of their trial through an easy to navigate interface.

BuzzDose app

Rory used his BA Business Management with Entrepreneurship degree from the University of Westminster to help facilitate his idea by participating in the Entrepreneurship Project module. The module provided him with the opportunity to pitch his idea to investors, and gave him the idea to crowd fund his project, which proved successful.

Rory now plans to continue developing his start-up, build his team and develop his prototype to further improve potential investment opportunities.

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