Dr Richard Barbrook, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, was interviewed by Vice on the history of wargaming and its relevance to today’s divisive political landscape.

He discussed what people can learn from wargames, saying: “Partly, the game is a fun social thing. People get to meet each other […] We also encourage people to play as factions different from what they believe in, as it’s always good to put yourself in your adversaries’ shoes.

“But it also makes you more aware of what you’re doing inside a large party, that you are having to stand firm on some things and compromise on others. The problem is people do take a rather moralistic attitude to politics, when much of it involves being pragmatic. That’s hopefully what the game is teaching people.”

Dr Barbrook’s megagame of ‘A Very British Coup’ was recently mentioned in two news articles from The Guardian.

Read the full interview on Vice official website.

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