An award-winning film campaign by the charity SafeHands for Mothers will be screened at the University of Westminster as part of a public event on ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

The event which takes place on Monday 2 November has been organised by the Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design in partnership with SafeHands for Mothers, a charity working to improve maternal and newborn health by harnessing the power of the visual.

SafeHands tackles and makes films about taboo subjects such as FGM. Earlier this year, the charity launched an award-winning film campaign, Now That You Know Say NO to FGM, funded by the Home Office and the British Humane Association.

The films offer a unique insight into reactions to the subject of FGM and were produced to highlight the fact that a staggering number of girls – an estimated 20,000 under the age of 15 – are at risk of this harmful practice in the UK. 

The public event will include a screening of the critically acclaimed SafeHands production, The Cutting Tradition, narrated by Meryl Streep. It will also be an opportunity to hear from key speakers working in this field. The event aims to further involve young people in the discussion and to raise greater awareness around FGM in the London area.

Dr Winston Mano, Course Leader of the MA in Media and Development, University of Westminster said: “I’m delighted that the University of Westminster, home to thousands of local and international students, is partnering SafeHands on this timely campaign against FGM. Now is the time for all to join forces and say no to FGM!”.

The event is open to all and admission is free. Places are limited. To secure your place, book now.

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