The University of Westminster’s Research Centre for Optimal Health (ReCOH), along with collaborators in Mexico, and King’s College London, have been awarded a research grant by the Medical Research Council to help combat childhood obesity.

As the obesity epidemic in Mexico continues to grow, especially amongst young children, childhood obesity is becoming a crucial public health issue in the country, being associated with increased risk of morbidity and mortality later in life.

Speaking about the research, Professor Jimmy Bell of the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Westminster said: “We will be teaching latest techniques (knowledge/technology transfer) to scientists and clinicians in Mexico so they can apply similar innovative approaches to the study of the impact of obesity on childhood cognitive development.”

Professor Jimmy Bell is the Director of the University of Westminster’s Research Centre for Optimal Health (ReCOH), which aims to create a partnership between basic research, imaging, computing and psychology to determine the molecular and physiological events that lead to attainment and maintenance of optimal health.

The Newton Fund is a UK Government initiative intended to strengthen research and innovation partnerships between the UK and emerging knowledge economies. 

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