Rob Toulson, Professor of Creative Industries (Commercial Music) at the University of Westminster, showcased his robotic talents at the Victoria and Albert Museum during Digital Design Weekend as part of London Design Week which took place between 17-25 September.

With sonic artist Jerry Fleming, he demonstrated an innovative robot drum machine which allows people to program a drum beat and then watch the robot play it out. In addition his exhibit included hacked audio circuits and live music coding with Raspberry Pi, a series of credit card-sized single-board computers.

Now in its sixth year, Digital Design Weekend is part of London Design Week that takes place every year in September at the V&A Museum, London. It brings together artists, designers, engineers, technologists and the public to share and witness new inventions, Installations and contemporary digital art and design.

Toulson was one of the many great artists to share his new invention that was born from his own passion for music and computing. He has many years of experience in engineering but has also been a musician and music producer since a young age.

He said: “At the Digital Design Weekend I hope I encouraged some kids who are predominantly interested in computers to think about creativity and music, and vice-versa – encouraging kids who enjoy music to use that passion to engage with some essential science and technology concepts that are shaping the future world.

“I’m really interested to see how we can use music and studio technology to engage students with scientific concepts around acoustics, electronics, mathematics, computer programming – essentially science can be exciting and rewarding, especially if you connect it with art and creativity”.

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