Level 6 History students recently took a day trip to Brighton for some much-needed respite from their final semester of study.

The final semester of the final year of study is a particularly challenging time for students. To provide a break from the relentlessness of deadlines and dissertations, Level 6 History students were invited on a day trip to Brighton.

Lecturers Dr Rachael Attwood and Dr Katja Seidel took the students to the Royal Pavilion, where a tour guide led the group through the palace and brought to life the history of Regency Brighton. Students learned about the persona of the Prince Regent, the future King George IV, who created the oriental extravaganza that is the Royal Pavilion. He was the ‘party prince’ who made Brighton fashionable as a seaside resort.

In the afternoon students were able to explore the city and seafront in small groups.

Dr Katja Seidel said: “This day trip reminded students that studying at university is also about taking time to think, stepping back from the daily grind of deadlines and part-time jobs and, most importantly, making friends for life.”

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