Professor Adam Lazowski, Professor of EU Law at Westminster Law School, gave a talk titled: “Non-negotiated Brexit: a realistic scenario or a folly?” on 5 April 2017.

The event was the first of a series of monthly professorial lectures delivered by senior academics in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. In his lecture, Professor Lazowski (cover photo) aimed to answer the fundamental question of whether a non-negotiated Brexit could really happen. Professor Lazowski set out his view right from the introduction saying: “I would argue that unfortunately, it is a realistic scenario and we have to watch out.”

Professor Lazowski’s lecture (put link of the video) was delivered in five parts in which he explored the potential legal and political consequences as well as options of a non Brexit deal for the UK and the legal parameters of a unilateral withdrawal.

Concluding, Professor Lazowski argued that it would be in the best interest of all the governments to properly negotiate Brexit and to ensure a UK withdrawal agreement addressing all pertinent legal issues.

Professor Lazowski has recently published a chapter on EU-UK relations in an edited volume on the Enforcement of EU Law and Values published by Oxford University Press. His chapter focuses on over 40 years of the UK’s membership in the European Union and the way the British authorities exercised their defiance. He has been researching the legal parameters of withdrawal from the EU for over five years, delivered conference papers around Europe and published several articles about EU exit in leading academic journals.

Watch the full lecture on the University of Westminster YouTube Channel.

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