Professor Jimmy Bell and Dr Louise Thomas from the Research Centre for Optimal Health, School of Life Sciences, have been awarded funding from the European Regional Development Fund through the Knowledge Exchange and Embed Partnerships (KEEP+) programme, in partnership with Health Concierge.

The partnership will work towards creating a novel avatar-based system in order to monitor an individual’s wellbeing, integrating multi-modality health measurements of the entire body. The system will also simplify the complex data collected from each individual into a format that is easy to understand for trainees.

Professor Bell and Dr Thomas both have internationally recognised reputations in the use of modern technology to understand health and disease development. They will combine this expertise with novel blood based markers to develop and implement an innovative bio-energetic health index.

The ultimate goal will be to combine these with other measures of health into a simple user-friendly mobile-device based personal health monitoring system. This integrated system will give clients individualised health measurements, enabling them to track their personal wellbeing.

In turn, this will allow the company to improve its service offering and specifically tailor its wellness interventions to the individual requirements of each client.

A recent graduate will be recruited to work directly with Health Concierge, under the supervision of Professor Jimmy Bell and Dr Louise Thomas, to deliver the expertise needed.

Speaking about the partnership, Dr Thomas said: “This is a unique opportunity to convert basic research into a real-life solution for lifestyle associated health issues.”

KEEP enables small and medium sized businesses to access knowledge and expertise through collaboration with a network of UK Universities, to accelerate the development and launch of advanced and innovative products and services.

KEEP projects can benefit the University by providing the opportunity for graduate employment, helping to inform teaching and improving overall student experience. The projects can also build strong foundations for long-term relationships with small businesses that have the potential for high growth, and therefore raise the profile of the University with the industry.

Find out more information about the KEEP+ Scheme here.

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