Dr Katalin Illes, Westminster Business School Principal Lecturer in Leadership and Development, had an article published in HR Magazine on how leaders should listen more and build trust.

In this article, Dr Katalin Illes argues that "declining levels of trust in society show that we are not relating to each other in the right way".

She states that "in a trusting environment, when we are committed to our shared purpose, we play active roles both as leaders and as followers."

Dr Illes concludes that, for declining levels of trust to change, leaders must also listen more. This practice will increase not only the level of well-being, but also the levels of honesty and openness of communication.

To read the full article, visit the HR Magazine website.

About Katalin Illes

Katalin Illes is a committed promoter of leadership and organisational development.

Her work includes public speaking, research, lecturing, coaching and consulting. Katalin has led and developed innovative, creative, trust based networks and partnerships to promote practice-based, life-long growth of individuals, communities and enterprises around the world. She is a leader of transformational change.

Read an interview with her on the Westminster Business School blog.

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