Simon Joss and partners of the International Eco-Cities Initiative are amongst those who have authored a paper in response to the ‘New Urban Agenda’, taking shape as a result of the UN-HABITAT III conference.

The UN-HABITAT III conference held in Quito in late 2016 enshrined the first Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) with an exclusively urban focus.

SDG 11, as it became known, aims to make cities more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable through a range of metrics, indicators and evaluation systems. It also became part of a post-Quito ‘New Urban Agenda’ that is still taking shape.

The paper raises questions around the potential for reductionism in this new agenda, and argues for the reflexive need to be aware of the types of urban space that are potentially sidelined by new trends in global urban policy.

Read The New Urban Agenda: key opportunities and challenges for policy and practice. Caprotti, Federico, et al. Urban Research & Practice (2017).

Image: Quito in Ecuador. Image copyright: Gert Olsson / courtesy of Shutterstock.

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