Professor Peter Paul Catterall, Professor of History and Policy, wrote a blog post for the Huffington Post about what a new Brexit referendum suggested by Remainers would mean.

Professor Catterall first explained the difference between a referendum and a general election: “The key difference is that following a general election the winning party’s manifesto at least indicates how they might address the complex issues the electorate has authorised them to manage. Referendums have no equivalent.”

Talking about the Remainers’ desire to call for a second Brexit referendum, he said: “To hold a new referendum itself requires a mandate. No such mandate can be claimed without another general election.

“If Remainers wish to overturn that in a new referendum then they need the mandate of a new election first. Their best hope could be that the government is driven to holding one in order to justify the creation of new peers. Only the adventurous, however, would bet on such an outcome”, he added.

Read the full blog post on the HuffPost website.

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