Dr Ioannis Glinavos, Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Westminster, wrote a blog post for the HuffPost discussing Conservative MP Heaton-Harris’s recent request to universities to provide him with names of lecturers teaching about Brexit.

In his blog post, Dr Glinavos discussed whether lecturers’ political views may colour their teaching regarding Brexit. “My job as a teacher is not to be a cheerleader for any political manifesto. My job is to analyse and critique. How can I debate the consequences of the potential loss of financial passporting with my students and not reveal my personal conviction (borne out of research and scholarship) that this is a terrible calamity for the financial industry?”

According to Dr Glinavos, the solution to a potentially ‘politicised education’ is honesty, study and reflection over lists and suppression.

“I start my classes by declaring my affiliations, background and beliefs to the extent that they touch upon the subject of the day. I offer my students a range of literature, admit which works I agree with and encourage students to disagree with me, to prove me wrong. The task I have set my Banking students is to discuss a post 'passport' future for the City. Believing that it will not be rosy, does not prevent me from encouraging others to reach their own conclusions. Mr Heaton-Harris ought not to worry about me and my colleagues poisoning minds against Brexit.”

Read the full blog post on the HuffPost website.

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