Dr Patricia Hogwood, Reader in European Politics at the University of Westminster, recently wrote a blog for the Huffington Post on how the French President Macron’s victory’s results have been perceived by German politics.

Dr Hogwood’s blog gave an overview of how Macron’s victory of the recent French elections have been perceived by German politics. First, an unanimous feeling of relief was felt among the German mainstream parties in regards to Macron’s victory over National Front party. For Social Democrat candidate Martin Schulz, Macron’s victory can be seen as a glimmer of hope. “Opposition Social Democrat chancellor candidate Martin Schulz will take heart at the outcome. The French electorate’s choices may rekindle his hopes. Macron’s win represents both a vote against ‘business as usual’ and for fresh - but mainstream - blood, rather than the populist alternative.”

As for Chancellor Angela Merkel, Macron’s victory is also perceived as beneficial in regards to her policies. Macron, indeed, appears to share common political values with Merkel such as the desire of a strong united European Union. “Overall, Angela Merkel is set to gain the most from Macron’s victory. Her leadership role amongst the member states in Europe will only benefit from a pro-European French President committed to European unity but preoccupied with domestic modernisation.” 

Dr Hogwood added: “At the same time, Merkel will be aware that Macron’s victory might provide nothing more than a breathing space. Macron’s modernisation agenda foresees a root and branch reform of the Eurozone. Whether the careful Merkel could stomach such a radical measure remains to be seen.”

While Macron’s victory seemed to be a unanimous good news for most political parties, the French elections have, yet, aroused one of the greatest concerns among politics. “One of the greatest concerns arising from the French election will be the hacking attack targeting Macron in an attempt to influence the vote. Although apparently rather amateurish in comparison with the systematic attacks that are claimed to have derailed Clinton’s presidential campaign, the German parties will be shocked to see that false news may now be a standard weapon in any major election.”

Read the full blog on the Huffington Post website.

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