Deborah Husbands, Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Vice-Chair for the University’s BME Staff Network, wrote an article for The Guardian on the attainment gap in higher education and what should be done to tackle this issue.

Mind the gap

In her article, Deborah Husbands explained that, although there is common knowledge of a gap between how well black and white students do at university, no tangible improvement has yet been done to bridge this gap.

According to Deborah, universities do not seem to do enough to listen to the lived experiences of BAME staff and students.

Speaking about the initiatives and strategies that universities need to adopt to tackle this issue, she said: “We know that nothing will change unless these initiatives are part of a comprehensive strategy for equality, diversity and inclusivity that is owned and driven by senior managers.

“These strategies must be tailored to the individual institution and its culture, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. The strategic approach should involve the staff and students it affects, and focus on the specific barriers to attainment.”

Read the full article on The Guardian.


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