Dr Rachel Aldred, Reader in Transport in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment discussed the possible future and the implications of driverless cars

Tech companies like Google’s subsidiary Sidewalk Labs and Uber are investing huge amounts of money into the development of driverless cars while the Danish Cycling Union predicts the extinction of private car ownership within 15 years. Dr Rachel Aldred argues that various visions are feasible.

“There’s an alternative and scary future where people become more individualised – they shove each of their children into a driverless car to go to school,” she says. “And people could spend a lot of time in driverless cars. I’m not saying that is going to happen, but there are different trends, potentially, that you might see.

 “We need to do more thinking about what exactly we want driverless cars used for, and who will use them. The trade-offs are not always recognised.”

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